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The First One's Always Free


Or, in this case, the first two: for the next week or so, the good folks at RCRDLBL are giving away two of the digital exclusives from Echologist & the Space Ape's Mercy Dubz, Brendon Moeller's own "No Mercy Dub" and my "Resurrection Dub," in passable 192kbps quality. (You see what we've done here: DJs and audiophiles will doubtless want to pony up for 320s or WAVs. Or spend the rest of their days wondering what sonic secrets lurk in the uncompressed nether-regions...)

I'm (mostly) kidding about the up-sell. Good music for free, what more do you want? Go here to get the goods.

(As for the photo above: Bowie's legacy is strong in Neukölln, apparently.)


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