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Gas + Gaudí

If things have been quiet 'round these parts lately, it's because I'm in the home stretch of a move from Barcelona to Berlin, and essentially living out of a cardboard box at this point. (I even had to miss Krakow's Unsound Festival, which was a real kick in the teeth.) But I did manage to make it out to see Wolfgang Voigt perform his Gas project at Gaudí's surrealistic Park Güell, thanks to an invitation from the Red Bull Music Academy crew, who were set up here for a month. You can read my recap of the event here at Resident Advisor.


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Wow, that must have been amazing!

What was the mixture of tunes from across the 4 albums like?

Ah, I've just read your RA review!

The RA review is truly sublime. Perhaps as close as words will get to an experience I can only perceive virtually. I can't make the Berlin CTM show in January (I'll be in Reno, NV for Lisa's group exhibition there.) And like so many others, I'm convinced that Gas will not appear in North America. Any chance at all that Mutek can pull this project into its orbit?

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