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Disco Dozen

New up on eMusic, my roundup of 12 of the site's best recent disco (and Balearic, and other) releases--including recordings from Glissandro 70, Daniel Wang, G-Ha and Olanski, Chaz Jankel, Professor Genius, Quiet Village, Rong Music, Metro Area, Idjutboys, Sorcerer and the Mole, plus the Milky Disco comp from Lo.

Why don't more people know about that Glissandro 70 record? (It's the work of the always excellent Sandro Perri, aka Polmo Polpo, in case you didn't know.) For that matter, why didn't I discover it until last year?


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Yes. Of all the CONSTRecords releases of the last few years, that is the one (a total oddball among oddballs) that keeps me coming back.

I really, really love the wobbly pulse of "End West", particularly during my evening commute.

Thanks for the eMusic mention, Philip--I need to get on with finishing writing it, but should there be a second G70 album, the disco influence will probably be overt instead of covert--here's hoping!

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