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NPR baffled by Hercules and Love Affair

Something tells me that NPR isn't really feeling Hercules and Love Affair. (Scroll ahead to minute nine or so for a suspiciously familiar sounding quote, followed by the question, "What is this 'American dance music' they speak of?" Someone's been reading their Pitchfork!)

Also: I realize that I'm more politically correct than most of my peers (I went to Vassar in the freaking '90s, ok? I was injected with serums! It's not my fault!) but is anyone else surprised to hear an NPR DJ voicing concern that "Antony might come down to the studio and possibly bitch-slap me"??? NPR: Not just for liberals any more!


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The bitch slap moment is part of the Bryant Park Project, a less than a year old, New York centric, snarky and smug, attempt by NPR to capture the folks that might have the patience to listen to the immensely inarticulate editor of the Fader for 13 minutes.

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