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Got Gotye?

Some interesting backstory on Supermayer's unreleased remix of Gotye over at Good Weather for Airstrikes, apparently written by someone who works for the label in question. Here's an excerpt:

"What we were hoping for was something more along the lines of the German duo’s mind-blowing interpretation of Rufus Wainwright’s “Tiergarten”. “Supermayer Lost In Tiergarten” is perhaps the most technically impressive remix I’ve ever heard, and is in itself a brilliant platform on which to make a case for the remix as a legitimate artform, so obviously we weren’t expecting their work on “Hearts” to eclipse it, we were just hoping for something similarly bold and experimental. The final product, however, plays it a bit too close to the cuff, a good, but perhaps overly safe and faithful interpretation of the original, keeping the same principle beat (albeit a bit more dubby) and just upping the atmospherics a bit. "

Read more (and more on Gotye in general), and check out both the original mix of "Hearts a Mess" plus the remixes from Lull, Ocelot, and Supermayer -- and, as a bonus, download Supermayer's awe-inspiring remix of Rufus Wainwright's "Tiergarten," at least as long as it stays up.


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