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Allez Allez Allez Allez

I'm thrilled to once again to offer a new mix through the always awesome Allez-Allez, home to guest mixes from the likes of Luke Abbott, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, Lo Recordings' Jon Tye, Thisisnotanexit, Jacques Renault, Lindstrøm, Nathan Fake, Guido Schneider, Ewan Pearson, and... well you get the point. (Not to mention a slew of great mixes from residents Sam and Weekend Steve.)

Here's a description and setlist for the hourlong mix; please click on over to Allez-Allez to download the goods.

"a few weeks ago, there was snow falling in portland, oregon—not enough to stick, but enough to make you wonder if the winter, or even just the ubiquitous northwest grey, would ever break. Then, last saturday, kapow: tulips opened, a snowy mount hood gleamed against a robin's-egg sky, and temperatures soared to 75 degrees—the perfect conditions for an impromptu backyard barbecue. (visiting home, meanwhile, has provided the perfect conditions for pulling out old favorites that had fallen by the wayside, like H3ÖH's astonishing "mind loss" — how could I have forgotten about that track?). the results, more or less "deep" or "house" (or even, sure, "deep house") in nature, are mildly schizophrenic, mixing the bleak and streamlined with the lush and overgrown. call it seasonal dissonance."

newworldromantic - spirit (delsin, 2002)
H3ÖH - mind loss (ash international, 1993)
newworldaquariuum - trespassers (delsin, 2000)
brendon moeller - jazz (third ear, 2007)
sasse - soul sounds (dirt crew solid diamond remix) (moodmusic, 2005)
session victim - no friends (no power) (real soon, 2008)
justin martin - the sad piano (charles webster remix) (buzzin fly, 2004)
furry phreaks - tearful (miso, 2004)
pepe bradock - 4 (atavisme, 2003)
i:cube - tunnel vision (versatile, 2003)
jamie lloyd - what we have (…is a zwicker remix) (future classic, 2007)


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Thank you for this great mix. Here, it's like spring will never come. The two first tracks let me dreamy ; )

very good session! I love sasse track!

come back soon to Barcelona!

Hey PS,

Really, really nice mix.

Interestingly, it's unseasonably cold all the way down here in the wrong hemisphere, and the mix is sitting nicely with being rugged up and watching the rain slide down the pane.

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