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Release Me: New Remix Available Today

Flipping my double-billed cap around from the side displaying my press pass to the one that reads, "Shameless Self Promoter," I'm thrilled to announce the release of another new track today.

Sometime last year, having fallen in love with the demo version of Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts' marvelous tune "Les Gans," I emailed Guillaume — an old friend — asking if he could hook me up with the individual parts of the track. He did, and months later, I surprised him with a remix. Musique Risquée, which put out Guillaume's debut solo album Face l'Est, already had a 12-inch single for "Les Gans" more or less in the can, featuring the original plus a remix from Hartchef Discos' Audio Werner, but that didn't stop them from giving my remix a proper master (at Dubplates and Mastering, no less) and offering it up as a digital exclusive on Beatport. Early feedback from the likes of Ewan Pearson, James Mowbray, Bearweasel's Dean Muhsin, and Cio D'Or tells me they won't be sorry they did.

You can hear the track at my Myspace page; the whole EP is available digitally from the links below. Enjoy!

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wow philip, seriously, a great remix, perfect for these winter months !

I like it very much! It sounds like you hired the Cinematic Orchestra and Ricardo Villalobos to produce this remix ; )

Great rumpelvillasherba remix!Quite outstanding.
Sorry for the references, but i guess those are always inevitable. Go on, spoil us on a album! Cheers.

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