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Here's a new mix I did a couple of weeks ago. 48 minutes and 66MB or so; it's by far the most minimal thing I've done in a while, but I think it's got a nice little groove to it. Most of these records were new white labels that have since gotten shuffled around in my bags so it might take me a while to come up with a tracklisting. Stop me if you've heard that one before.

Click here to download "Chips the Light Fantastic Mix."

Update Wednesday 8 August 1:29pm: Zshare link seems to be working again; contact me if it doesn't work.


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hmm, zshare.com is giving me a "permission denied" error. dommage.

Hi Philip, I'm getting that "permission denied" error too (instead of your mix.)Check into the error and hook me up.
Peace, TC

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