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Ally Ally All-in-free

Many many thanks to the kind souls over at Allez-Allez, who today posted a recent mini-mix of mine. They call it "a heady trip into mind-bending techno drama," which seems as good a description as any. (Tracklist includes Minilogue, Martinez Bros, Argy, the Knife/Booka Shade... full setlist over at the site.)

Do spend some time clicking around Allez-Allez; their approach to this thing called blogging is one of the most refreshing around. Every week or two they post a new, custom mix -- short, sweet, and annotated -- from company I'm a little weak-kneed to be a part of. (Dirty's Guillaume Sorge, Optimo's DJ Twitch, Pilooski, Joakim, Tobias Thomas, Franz Ferdinand's Paul Thomson, Four Tet et al...) Weekend Steve's recent Silky Mix, for instance, is an unexpected little mini-masterpiece that transcends its tracklisting and fairly jumps out of the speakers like a big, cuddly laborador.

See their post for a couple of nifty gig listings of mine during Sónar week and afterwards, and stay tuned right here for a rather exciting announcement for later in the year (one part of which includes a rather tasty event in Berlin). See you at Sónar!


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ridiculously good taste...ha since it is very close to mine lol. i am loving it! argy's 1985 is an unbelievable track, im rocking it as well. do you play in chicago at all?

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