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A rrreally big shew...

It's official! I am playing my first-ever Sonar-week party this June, thanks to the kind invitation of the mad wags at Resident Advisor. It goes off at BeCool, which in spite of its name is alleged to be the hottest venue in Barcelona--it opened while I've been gone, so I can't attest, but like Youth of Today, I HAVE FAITH--and the rest of the lineup fairly makes me blush to be included: Ewan Pearson, Sebo K, Efdemin, and Will Saul.

It's gonna be the hotness in an already sweltering week, so do come out and Resident-present. Full details here. See you there!


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Philip, haven't you been properly keeping up with your Internet-speak? It's "teh hotness," not "the hotness." : )

we meet at last, mr sherburne...

although it looks like we're playing at the same time. drat. x

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