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Touring, towering


I'm back to Portland after an enthralling, exhausting, occasionally overwhelming two weeks in Barcelona in Berlin, during which I fell in and out of love with each city, and with techno itself, several times. Thank goodness for the September Collective's forthcoming All the Birds Were Anarchists (Mosz) for evening my keel when necessary.

Slowly climbing back into productivity; for starters, here's a stream of the Martinez Brothers' spellbinding "My Rendition" over at Pitchfork's Forkcast.


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Hi Philip.

I reviewed "My Rendition" a few months back for RA. If you follow the above url to my blog you'll find a link for it on the right side of the page.

details!? Did you do the watergate/panorama/berghain stops? I was just there three weeks ago. I put my berghain videos on my youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/robtronik

Check it out. At the end of every video you can see someone coming up to me to tell me to turn it off! LOL. No way. I needed proof that I was there. :)

Hi Philip

Tried to leave a comment yesterday. Apologies if you've already seen it. Just drawing your atention to a review I did for RA of 'My Rendition" which you can get by going to my blog
machinesarefuky.blogspot.com and clicking on the link on the roght of the page. Cheers


hi ps,

that martinez bros. track is truly epic and stunning. definitely had my head noddin.'

what else was up in berlin and barcelona?

ran into erik c. at mcm last weekend posting for 'area c' sound events he's doing at roger williams park. he says hello and asked if you're still on this side of the atlantic.

peace & best, as always, tc


Thanks for the TMB tip. They are wonderful! I even wrote a bit about them on my blog (as much as I could with the information I have). Thanks for the great articles! Keep it up.


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