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Occasionally, people — the crazy kind — will ask me why I moved to Barcelona. (These people have presumably never visited.) For those still confused, this is one very simple reason: a random, Sunday-night beach gig from the likes of Krikor and his romantic/creative partner Sandrine. Yes, they're playing on the beach, and that is sand between his toes.

In short, it doesn't suck here.



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damn! where was it?

Maybe you can buy them an ashtray? ;)

See, I've never even been there, and yet I would never question the fact that you moved there. I've heard way too many stories, and seen way too many pictures for that.

hi Philip,

it is not my intention to post a comment, although I understand your love for Barcelona. with Cologne and Maastricht the best place to live.

why I am contacting you? I want to ask you a few personal questions about Cologne whereI writing a short article about for www.cut-up.com. could you please mail me? theo@cut-up.com, Theo Ploeg (journalist for OOR and a lot of other mags and webzines in Holland).

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