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War is hell heck

"Gee, maybe if they take out all the swears, no one will realize that war isn't just a matter of fireworks and post-battle brewskis," mused President Bush to Tony Blair over lunch at a G8 session last week, unaware that his remarks were being picked up by microphone. "Those libbers, liberals, those libbers just gotta realize they gotta stop doing this shit," he added, playfully holding up a lighter to what he apparently thought was PBS's 2007 budget. (The document in question turned out to be the NASA mission statement.) "Condi's gonna go over there pretty soon, I think."

Ken Burns was spotted mouthing something across the room, apparently beginning with the phrase "Read my lips." However, due to the digital filter superimposed over his mouth, it was impossible to decipher what followed.

Private Lynnie England could not be reached for comment.


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