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No, my computer really hates me

Thanks to the wonders of Microsoft Entourage I've managed to lose all of my incoming mail from the past week, plus seemingly about 90% of mail received since about October or so. If you have sent me anything important recently and are awaiting a reply, don't hesitate to write back; chances are your message has disappeared into the either.


Hopefully it disappeared into the ether, although the either might better describe the limbo of corrupted data. I had a hard drive physically fail last week. May I suggest backing up ? Daily ? ;p

-- Philip: you should post our discussion!


- tV

No it's just the microsoft guff on your box that hates you. Everything else likes you. Switch from Entourage to Mail/iCal/Address Book. It's worth it. I wrote a 'how to' on my blog.

Your comments don't allow for html so just follow the link on my name and try the 'macOsX' tag. Scroll down and you'll see the tutorial.

either the ether ate it, or.....

blame it on mercury retrograde, mate. we should be straight in a few days; til then, hang tight.

that's the beauty of microsoft products.. you have to lose something in order to get something out of it.

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