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Imaginando otro mundo

In the Latin American edition of Rolling Stone, Atom Heart appears in the social pages (alongside Grammy shots Jay-Z, Sir Paul McCartney, Green Day, et al) and Ricardo Villalobos gets a full page interview (in which they even quote big Jess' review in "el quisquilloso sitio musical pitchforkmedia.com").

Sadly, I have no idea what the fuck "quisquilloso" means. Perhaps if I did, I'd actually be able to write for the kind of magazine that would, like, commission a Villalobos piece (and pay you for it!).


it means 'nitpicky'!

touchy or "finicky" (appropriate, though!)

hola philip...
estas en santiago? pasaras por buenos aires?

es una lastima pero no tengo tiempo esta vez.....

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