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Womb with a view

More hot blog axxxion! Midnight Mike steps up to the Tupperware party circuit with 12 A.M. Maternal, a new mpfree blog that's going deep into elliptical orbits. Featured so far are Bohannon, Vice Versa, Belgium's General Listening, "infamous and mysterious organist "George Montalba," and the Lez Dantz orchestra.

Mike's mission statement pretty much lays it all out:

"I intend to post recordings of some of my favorite rare records here. I will not be posting music by new bands. I will write very little. As an attempt at somehow maintaining vinyl's tradition of frustrating exclusivity I will post the mp3's using www.yousendit.com. This service will only allow a limited number of downloads for a 1 week period. If I receive polite and encouraging comments I might consider some re-issues. The images and adverts have no relation to the mp3's."

The clock is ticking...


Something new almost everyday this week. Exciting!

curse the cult of scarcity.

thanks philip!

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