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Grainy Shots, Grainy Sound

I'd entirely forgotten, but a small gallery of my photographs are included in Grain of Sound's autumn edition of their e-journal Sonic Scope Quarterly (click on the latter link to download it as a zip file, which will blossom into a fabulous and refreshingly Flash-free pdf file). And hey, that's even my picture of Richie Hawtin and fans on the cover.

The issue features photography and design from a slew of talented people, many working in multiple media, a few whose names I knew and most not.
I particularly liked Maja Ratjke's politically-informed photographs — and wry commentary — and Marc Berhens' photographs of bullet holes in different countries. It's interesting to see people you think of as "musicians" not just engaging in other media, but using them to interact with the places they visit when they're not sound-checking or sleeping off jetlag.

(My gallery features photographs of La Chica Paula, Luciano, Thomas Melchior, Ricardo Villalobos, Mambotur, the Wighnomy Brothers, Hawtin, and Barcelona's DJ Omar, shot in live performance in various locations in five countries. And they don't look half bad.)



Wow!Those are monster pics. Any way to get a nice high resolution copy of the one of Villalobos?

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