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Drowning in a sea of love

The first 62 seconds of Apparat's remix of Nathan Fake's "Charlie's House" — give or take a few uncountable milliseconds spent exhaling — are enough to send me to my knees, arms thrown up like Willem Defoe in Platoon. Possibly the most perfect minute of music I've heard yet this year. Viva electremo!


Look, Philip, let's do this: you tell me where I can listen to this marvel and i'll figure out how to burn you THE WHOLE ALBUM i have right now in my hands and which, you'll see, is pure bliss. Do we have a deal here, man? Electremo rules.

Someone told me that Nathan Fake was ditching his current style and going for an indie "folktronica" type style akin to Four Tet. Hoping to Christ that someone can tell me that this isn't true, he's produced some of my favourite tracks of the past year.

as long as James Holden keeps remixing Nathan Fake he can do any fucking style he wants in my book.

Well, Four Tet isn't completely off. He definately reappropriates some of the twee glitchematics of FT and Caribou, but takes it in a much moodier direction. More mood than movement. And, yes, James Holden ... I hope you have some mixes ready. Although, the only remix I've heard of is an Apparat reworking of something on this album. Due out in late February? I believe ...

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