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Bones festes



hey phil.

i think that you might remember me. i'm gene kim's brother and i used to work with you at jeeves back in late 2000.

at any rate, i wanted to write and wish you a happy new year. i gather that you moved to spain in 2005 and are enjoying it. i check your site from time to time, as well as continue to read your reviews on pitchfork and other sites.

finally picked up the jamie lidell today at amoeba in berkeley and also stumbled across a sick tresor 3-cd comp "true spirit." that has tracks from 1989 to 2002. oddly, they didn't see to have the latest isolee, but i can get that from aquarius.

keep up the great writing. hope you're doing well.

pete kim

Hi! I liked your site, especially main page, I have added it in bookmarks. Thanks!

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