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December 26, 2005

P&J. No crust.

Step 3 of 3: Confirm and Send!

Does everything look OK?

Artist Title Label Points
1. Isolée We Are Monster Playhouse 20
2. Matias Aguayo Are You Really Lost Kompakt 20
3. Jamie Lidell Multiply Warp 10
4. Alex Dandy Jack and the Function SM Los Siete Castigos Perlon 10
5. Nine Horses Snow Borne Sorrow SamadhiSound 10
6. Ellen Allien Thrills Bpitch Control 10
7. Cristian Vogel Station 55 NovaMute 5
8. Various Artists Coconut FM Essay Recordings 5
9. Alex Smoke Incommunicado Soma 5
10. DJ Koze Don't Feed the Cat Kompakt 5

Artist Title Label
1. Isolée My Hi-Matic Playhouse
2. M83 Teen Angst (Luciano Remix) Mute
3. Motiivi:Tuntematon 1939 Freundinnen
4. Triola Leuchtturm (Wighnomy's Polarzipper Rexmi) Kompakt
5. Paul Kalkbrenner Tatü-Tata Bpitch Control
6. Matias Aguayo Drums & Feathers Kompakt
7. M83 Don't Save Us from the Flames (Superpitcher Remix) Mute
8. Tori Alamaze Don't Cha Universal
9. Les Visiteurs Snoop's Acid Drop white label
10. Speedy J & George Issakidis Understand What I'm Saying Novamute

December 25, 2005

Bones festes


December 18, 2005


Mr Martin Clark was kind enough to ask me for a year-end roundup on his excellent Blackdown Soundboy blog, and was even kinder when he agreed to run the full thousand words or so that I wrote (proposed wordcount was 150). Check the permalink for full text, but don't miss the comments and lists that have preceded my entry, from the likes of Kode 9, Sarah Bentley, Skepta, and Woebot.

December 07, 2005

Check out those knobs

Last time I actually had my hands on a hardware synthesizer, Oberheim's Matrix line was in production and Keyboard magazine still ran full-page ads featuring people with Korg Poly-800s slung over their shoulders, thanks to the handy guitar strap. (And does anyone remember the Korg that had the black and white keys reversed? That's the one I really wanted, but my parents, being of a sensible nature, believed that only feathered hair and questionable lifestyle choices lay down that particular path.)

Whether you, too, have some catching up to do, or simply like to ogle unusual interfaces, Matrixsynth is droolingly full of boxes and wires.