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On the periphery

Dear faithful readers,

I have been wildly remiss. While you have been visiting my blog, albeit in perhaps predictably dwindling numbers, hoping for any sort of update in the past three weeks, I have been gallivanting around Spain having all sorts of misadventures, the likes of which shall never see print. I survived another Sónar, played records alongside my trusty cohort DJ Omar for the delightfully up-for-it patrons of the Moog club, braved volleys of firecrackers the night of San Joan in order to catch Luciano's stellar beach party set, and barely rescued a laptop from the ravages of Diet Coke. (Well, the Apple Geniuses are doing the rescuing, along with a good bit of help from the kind folks at Citicard. Folks, don't drink and blog. The hard drive you save could be your own.)

If you crave news, choices are several. I talk with Jamie Lidell for the current issue of XLR8R, riff on the riff in today's update of Pitchfork, and tomorrow will be back with a new installment of Earplug. Coming soon are liner notes for Coconut FM, a compilation of reggaeton, cumbia and funk carioca put together by Atom Heart for Germany's Essay Recordings, home to the excellent Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats collection; a forthcoming monthly column in Barcelona's Go Mag; and surely some other sundry bits that have, sadly, completely slipped my mind right now. Oh yeah, and a piece on Barcelona's anarchic spirit is on newsstands now in the current issue of Res.

Speaking of Barcelona (something I seem to do a lot), and by way of explaining my recent absence — well, whatever's not explained by the fact that I am the proud new owner of an Elektron MachineDrum, a miracle piece of gear (can I call it a gearacle? Ok, I won't) that essentially moots all desires to live a normal, productive existence — now it can finally be revealed: I'm up and quitting the US for a while, and moving myself and a small fraction of my records to Barcelona. "How long?" people keep asking me. This is a good question, and one for which I ought to have an answer when, well, I suppose when living in Barcelona doesn't seem like a good idea any more. (The rest of my records are going to live in my mother's basement in Portland — she has no idea what she's in for.) Until then, the internet is my friend, and I am yours, so please keep reading. Barring fresh posts, you can always find me on the beaches of Barceloneta.

What follows are photographs from the periphery of Sónar — because sometimes what happens in the background is as striking as the main-stage attractions.

Love and fuet,










p.s. Sorry for the crappy picture quality. ISO800 + batch-converted GIF format does not for stellar resolution make.

no way, i just got my md last week. it's minimalicious! nice work as always phil.


Sad to hear you are leaving us, but I hope it all goes well. I'm almost tempted to take the SF->Barca migration route myself.

oh wow.. been reading your blog for a while and am actually moving to SF this weekend. I was hoping to hear some of your sets, as i wave the whole berlin flag myself. Oh well.. good luck!


oh wow.. been reading your blog for a while and am actually moving to SF this weekend. I was hoping to hear some of your sets, as i wave the whole berlin flag myself. Oh well.. good luck!

Hey Philip... Thanks for the banging set tonight at arrow, we'll miss ya round these parts. vive le beats criticals!

great tunes last night Philip! Good luck with the adventure.

Good news!

I was at your conference in Barcelona with Javier Blanquez, about techno music, at Santa Monica. Also we met at Nitsa the same weekend, well, I recognize you! XD

It looks you enjoyed a lot here, in BCN, and will stay for a while. BCN is great!! Have fun!!


RED1 - bcn elektronik beholder

Sumnabitch! Well have a blast in Barcelona. Philip u have a fairy tale life that I am extremely jealous of ;0)

Please keep up to date on the pics, blogs, and great reviews in XLR8R and Earplug. Wanna play a party in Cleveland before you go or when your back visiting?!?!

btw post sum more sets too...

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