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Holding on

Just in case anyone was worried, I figured I'd better show what's remaining. (And this is just a portion — I'm realizing that I've now become simply a mildly obsessive, moderately messy person, as opposed to the total trainwreck I was before.)

The real concern I have now is how to reunite many dozens of empty sleeves with their records — the products of many hasty, how-do-I-fit-80-records-into-a-50-record-bag separations. I never was very good at that game "Concentration," either.


that looks like a pretty comprehensive selection of perlon 12s in the centre!

This just makes me want to sell everything I own.

ha! i was just about to mention the perlon block too but see i was beaten to it. happy sorting philip.

Beaten by Simon and Stirmonster! The perlon section is always so noticable... Best of luck with the shipping.

the perlon section actually should have been much thicker, but it fell victim to the great record/sleeve separations of my recent travels. so most of the green/yellow sleeves were sitting empty in a cardboard box while the records were running around in their white paper undies. scandalous.

of course, they're all in boxes now.

ha, thatīs a proper selection of perlon stuff ..

the upcoming matt john (from Berlin, not Canada) on perlon is pretty nice too ..

and in october thereīs the new dany jack LP to follow.

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