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The neverending yawning jawn


How fucking much do I love these new remixes for M83? Superpitcher's version of "Don't Save Us from the Flames" sounds like it's on some U2 Unforgettable Fire shit, all ostsinato bung-bung-bung-bung on the piano and monstrous, cavernous Red Rocks ginormity that makes you want to fling your puny ass into space and float for eternity. And then the zipgun bassline assumes the position just as some Sigur Ros falsetto tomfoolery comes howling down to hover like a spaceship promising sweet annihilation. (And I'm not even going to go into the bridge, which sounds like coming up all over again, high piling upon high like an eternal internal kaleidoscope.) No one else could make ten and a half minutes sound so effortless — well, no one except Luciano, maybe, who extracts "Teen Angst"'s vocals ("How fast we burn/ How fast we die," stumbling like a winedrunk from fifths to shivering seconds) and isolates them like a precious element, twisting out five minutes of shoegaze overdrive into nearly a dozen of wristslit minimalism, outsized expressionism straining against a grid of shooming kick drums and saskatooning congas. And then, yeah, all over again, those angelic vocals like a climber's grip for the come-up, and some billowy New Order landing pads underneath, just in case. Please, god, let me hear this out — in the open, preferably at sunup — just once this year.

If it's not clear from the above, let me reiterate: (Nova)mute deserves a fucking medal this year. Lawrence, Motor, these mixes, Luciano's Tim Wright mix from last year — someone over there is doing something very, very right.


Yeah, but will the Luciano remix of M83 ever see the light of day? They've already released the single with a Montag mix on CD/12" (same tracks).

I agree with you on the Superpitcher remix though. Phenomenal! Well done alongside his recent Hell "Je Regrette Everything" mix.

i think you have to write something about Superpitcher's Today. Cos, WOW. Have you heard it yet? man, wow wow wow

although i can't account for the brain of glass 12", it seems like playhouse is another label worthy of a medal - captain comatose, isolee and my my's 12" all have made my day for many days this year.

i'm really glad to see a shift in tone with your blog entries lately - hopefully that means things are looking up in philip world. give us more mutek!

ps. the new order article was probably one of the best i've read by you, and this includes your article from the audio culture reader which i recently picked up. hmm...too many praises, not enough time. heh.

yeah, today is the hotness... i reviewed it for the wire's critical beats column for may, should be out any day now. my mood is improving, and no one is more relieved than i am. now if only i could find time to get behind the decks again, everything would be hunky-dory! at least festival season is almost upon us.... and speaking of which, yeah, i'll post more mutek.mx photos pronto!

(thanks thanks for the kind words - )

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