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What would we do without Ewan Pearson to steer us in the right direction? Check his site for a slew of tunes even I haven't heard yet, plus tunes you can play "safe in the knowledge that in 9 months time Erick Morillo et al won’t," unlike, ahem, a certain hard-rocking anthem that caught the ear of Mr Diddy.


jesus is he ever right about Koze!! i played with him last month and i was completely blown away. i had to ask him exactly 6 times to remind me what that "hot love" remix he played was so that i wouldn't forget.

aw shit. i was just gonna write about this blog! just saw it the other day, combing through google and trying to find ewan's cover of "midas touch"

I have to say the Hot Love remix sucks, for me!

Nice to see "Avalon" included though, I didn't really get it until last week, when in a last minute hurry I stuck it on a CD before going out to DJ. Anyway felt I needed something *big*, and it worked really really well, people going crazy. as the cliché goes, sounds better in a club!

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