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18 reasons I am going to Sónar this year (eg, holy shit, the Durutti Column???)


Alex Threadgold plays Sound-Ink (US)
Ellen Allien (DE)
Hot Chip (UK)
James Murphy (US)
Jamie Lidell (UK)
LCD Soundsystem (US)
M.I.A. (UK)
Mark One + Virus Syndicate (UK)
Mocky (CA)
Mouse on Mars (DE)
Mu (JP)
The Durutti Column (UK)
The Soft Pink Truth (US)

Año Gastronomia presents Matthew Herbert/Plat du Jour (UK)
Areal presents Ada, Basteroid (DE)
Circus Company presents Nôze, Sety (FR)
Get Physical presents Booka Shade, DJ T (DE)
M-nus presents Marc Houle, Mathew Jonson, Troy Pierce vs Magda (CA)


Do you mean Hot Chip from the UK?

loads better than last year's lineup

if i were you, i wouldn't miss DJ Yoda. His skills mixing Europe's "The final countdown" (best song to make cool people angry ever) with Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" are amazing. By the way, El Dioni being one of the 'popular heroes of the XXth century' in the corporative image on Sonar this year is the best pick they could have ever done. Remember his famouse highlight: "yo a españa no le debo ni una puta peseta". Big respect.

hey guys alright with barcelona, but does anyone know about the Synch festival in Athens Greece?
Last year's line up included names like Mu, triple R, Popnebo, Ryoji ikeda, apparat, Steve Bug.. and the list goes on and on....don't to be missed..

hot chip kinda suck really hard

big up phil sherburne! tryin to get them to change the listing tho - sounds like a night of bad high school chamber music. not that i'm mad a chamber music...

what's really good man?


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