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Grist for the list

If I were making a top 10 list of top 10 lists, Yancey Strickler's would be my number one. Or wait... maybe that'd be number two? Read him here to untangle the hidden logic of listmaking (and stop second-guessing me already!).


It would only be fair to point out, by the way, that Yancey's taxonomy of top tennisms really doesn't fit my list at all. I'm not sure whether I'm relieved or disappointed. For what it's worth, this is my Pazz & Jop ballot, which is more or less consistent with the top 10 I posted here a few days ago, just squooshed into a neat 20-slot framework.

Your Pazz & Jop albums ballot was submitted as follows:

1. Ricardo Villalobos - The Au Harem D'Archimede - Perlon (10 points)
2. März - Wir Sind Hier - Karaoke Kalk (10 points)
3. Junior Boys - Last Exit - Domino (10 points)
4. Robag Wruhme - Wuzzlebud "KK" - Musik Krause (10 points)
5. Ada - Blondie - Areal (10 points)
6. Le Dust Sucker - Le Dust Sucker - Plong! (10 points)
7. Alter Ego - Transphormer - Klang (10 points)
8. Brooks - Red Tape - Soundslike (10 points)
9. Liars - They Were Wrong So We Drowned - Mute (10 points)
10. Melchior Productions - The Meaning of Love - Playhouse (10 points)

Your Pazz & Jop singles ballot has been recorded as follows:

1. Alter Ego - "Rocker" - Klang
2. Recloose - "Cardiology (Isolee remix)" - Playhouse
3. Abe Duque & Blake Baxter - "What Happened?" - Abe Duque Records
4. Mathew Jonson - "Decompression" - M_nus
5. Steve Barnes - "Cosmic Sandwich" - MBF Ltd
6. Tim Paris w/ Mike Ladd - "Architexture" - Virgo
7. Rex the Dog - "Prototype" - Kompakt
8. Feist - "Mushaboom" - Universal France
9. Kylie - "Chocolate (Tom Middleton remix)" - Parlaphone
10. Tim Wright - "The Ride (Luciano remix)" - NovaMute

Yeow! You and the Yancey guy are just too arcane for the room. Does it physically hurt to have to support all the tightly held beliefs that are so on parade in both of your Top Ten manifestos...?!?

i don't have any beliefs tied up in my top ten list. in fact, i don't think i could've tried any less on mine -- there was absolutely no deliberation on it. i guess the placing of my own top ten after all of that was a bit of a mcguffin, but it seemed unfair to call out others without posting mine as well.

i don't see any tightly-held beliefs in my list either - these are the records i liked this year. it's a list of personal preferences, not a manifesto. and i'm really not gonna lose sleep over it if you haven't heard (or heard of) the records. like techno? you'll probably like some of the records i listed. don't like techno? you'll probably want to go elsewhere.

btw, "too arcane for the room"... this must be the same kind of rhetoric the bushies use when they deride anyone with a minority taste as "elitist." welp, it's my blog, so it's my room, and i ain't leaving. if you need help finding the door, though...

Trust me, as a guy who has spent WAY too much time the last few weeks looking over critics' top ten lists Yancey's list is not only Dead Fucking On but utterly hilarious.

A failure to recognize your own snobbery does not make me a de facto jack-booted goon. Talk about the demonization of mere thought! I am familiar with the bulk of your choices, which was the one factor which prompted me to weigh in. Similarly, I've also been in the parlors of the well-heeled only to notice the outlandish vapidity and/or dreariness of the art adorning the walls. But, hey! It's your room...

you have yet to indicate where snobbery comes into play in my choices. would including usher's "yeah" change your mind? or the yeah yeah yeahs? seriously, i'm baffled. what are you looking for, "populism"? these are the records i listened to, played out, found enjoyable and important. if i'm a snob for constructing a worldview that has little to do with other people's pleasures, well, so be it. and in any case, if this list were published in a german mag like groove or debug, it'd be utterly middle-of-the-road. so what's the problem?


There honestly is no problem (except perhaps my own). Your list probably just rubbed me the wrong way after reading one too many. I can't abide by The Arcade Fire either! So mea culpa and all apologies.

no worries, all's fair in love and lists. sorry i was a bit of a dick too - and it was my new year's resolution not to be! well, maybe in 2006.

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