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And Atus said, "Hi, Phil" right back

Taking a little break. Will return sooner or later, most likely after Top 10 season (god, I hate lists). Maybe sooner. Maybe later. Read smart things and listen to good music while I'm gone.


I can appreciate your dislike for lists, but, for purely selfish reasons, I hope you'll post yours here. Last year's kept me busy tracking down what turned out to be several treasures well into the early part of this year.

i've been compiling my publicist-received list of discs for the year, totally somewhere over 700 now. lemme know if you wanna have a look for the 'best of' refresher. i'm SO glad i decided to keep a list...

yours blog rock.
i'mreading your writings since i dunnowhen in various publications. good photos too.
i'd like to read some big interview with villalobos

hi phil and atus my names atus to i wont
be back but did you atus is a mapuche name
the indigenes people of chile and argenteena

en serio? no lo conocía... yo hacía un juego de palabras con "hiatus" (una pausa). pero que choro que es un nobre de verdad, y un nombre del cono sur, ademas!

philip, come back!!!! how am i supposed to learn about new music if you aren't hear to teach?

what thinks you of this michael mayer full lenght, eh?

god man talk to me i finaly found another atus that isent in mi amagination oh yeah happy newyear everyone and phil ps please talk to me i am only littel and your biggest fan

Atus Atus, you get me?

dude, y'all are freaking me out.

Its yours truely.so,real Atus it turns out there is a michael mayor.Just letting u now.Feel free to replie.Speak to you next time.

Whose this Michael Mayor person? Your not two timing me are you?! You'd better not be, I'd be very dissopointed if you are.
Yours sincerly,

hi dont leave me

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