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A new mix

Just for clicks and giggles, here is a new mix I recorded the other night. Most of the tunes are records I brought home from Berlin, and I'm pretty sure that this is the first time I played the majority of them through in their entirety. But for some reason, this kind of spontaneous, blind mix always seem to have an engaging quality, so I'm sharing this one despite its warts and slight meanderings.

I'll have to reconstruct the tracklisting, as I'm not really sure what all is in here. A few gems, however: the Molobert unauthorized Herbert remix of Moloko, which I heard Luciano spin at Watergate a few weeks back, and Steve Barnes "Cosmic Sandwich," which is the second to last track. Enjoy!


ooooh ACID MOLOKO i love!

Thanks for the great mix, Phil. Looking forward to the tracklist since much of what's on here is just really exciting!

Hey, what's going on in Amsterdam? Your link ends up in the Forbidden Zone...

hey picadub... I was looking forward to hearing you DJ at the Trouble thing tonight, but it seems you will not be spinning after all. why??

yeah, sorry about that! I got called off to the Amsterdam Dance Event last-minute. couldn't pass up a free trip to Amsterdam!

thanks! can't wait for that tracklist!

HELLO! my first visit, and what a rich vein i appear to have tapped into. i loved this mix - really like to know what that beautiful piano/acid track was before the herbert/moloko thing, and that spookunit before cosmic sandwich......hmm? anyway, hello again and suffice to say that you'd've loved it 'round our place on new years eve.

respect and gratitude.

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