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Head in Hands


Greetings from Berlin. More specifically, from the hallway outside my hotel room at the Innside Residence -- the only place my wi-fi reception actually works. Ah, the joys of the digital age, the splendor of convenience. My hosts have kindly put me up at a flashy, 80s "design hotel" (overdesigned would be more like it), where I managed to break one of the round glass side tables within five minutes of entering the room, and here I am, sitting on the carpeted floor of the hallway outside. I may be a jetrosexual, but damn if it ain't giving me rugburn.

Actual updates - on last night's Kompakt/Musik Krause party, tonight's Narod Niki shindig, and tomorrow's Oceanclub blowout - are forthcoming. Plus a note or two on DJing in Valparaiso, and photos galore. (This one is of Egg's Guillaume, at a bar in Berlin, btw.) But for the time being, almost 48 hours of transit (Santiago-São Paulo-New York-Brussels-Berlin) have damn near worn me out.

Instead, go here to read me on Mouse on Mars.


wow, just travelling all over the place. how about some more pictures?
I live through your site as I sit here at work behind my desk...sad maybe...desperate yes!
have fun at the narod niki show.

So thats what you look like!

Let is know who plays with villalobos in narod niki.

nice MoM article. looking forward to seeing them again in vancouver with the junior boys.

Narod Niki must have been pretty amazing last night! I heard the lineup in Narod Niki was a few less members this time. It always changes around though from what I have heard.

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