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Stop me if you've heard this one

Thomas Bartlett walks into a nominally electronic album and exclaims, "[I]t's a very odd experience to be emotionally overwhelmed by music assembled from sounds with the kind of skin-deep sheen that one normally associates with artifice, heartlessness and techno." There are also two factual errors in the piece: the label should be spelled "Gooom" (three o's), and Run Into Flowers is not the group's debut record. (I know Salon is in financial straits, but did they lay off all the editors over there?) But I'm encouraged, frankly: if Bartlett keeps discovering "electronic" music that confounds his preconceptions at this rate, he might just put the torch to the straw horse somewhere around the time of, say, Kompakt 200's release.


good to know I can lay off the Bartlett beat for awhile. keep up the good work!

"Now that I've discovered Metacritic . . ."

Well! Will wonders never cease? Pretty soon he'll discover blogs, and THEN we'll have us a time!

hey philip

it actually IS with three o's....just keepin it legit, yo.


I know - but on Salon they only spelled it with two. I was pointing out the error.


Don't laugh, I heard the AARP has been trying to hire him away for their monthly.

I'm glad you posted that link - it reminds me that I have to give the M83 record another chance. I was really underwhelmed when I first picked it up; couldn't for the life of me understand how it had merited the hype. "Run Into Flowers", though, has really grown on me. Mostly because I've heard it so many bloody times - in the album mix, the U.N.K.L.E. mix and the Jackson mix. And I like 'em all I guess, so I'm going to have to pull out DEAD CITIES and listen again.

Fek! SInce I'm posting, I'll go ahead and praise your Schaffel mix here, too! I like the mix, plus it'll annoy the fuck out of the hip-hoppers who I work with. Not so much on the electronic tip, but do you know the Fall's "Glam Racket"?

Three factual errors, even, though this one's more of a typo ("of my favorite track off of 'Accordion.'"). Still piss-poor editing. And I'm pretty sure Daedelus plays the accordion himself rather than sampling on the original track, though not certain...

Great schaeffel mix.

Sorry for my links

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