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Indie rockers say the darnedest things

"'Funky' is... an unusual word to use in describing music made up almost entirely of electronic sounds."


haha good ol' salon.

this is nearly every issue of philadelphia's weekly and city paper, btw.

oh for fucks sake.

I always wondered why I had so much trouble dancing to Timbaland productions.

Well non-white folks have been making funky electronic music since the beginning. For further examples, you can download a set I just did Friday night on WNYU fm. Best of the hot new bhangra (Damn, Lil Sach recycles Diwali and kills it!), dancehall, hip hop, etc. Coincidentally I played my favorite trax from the new Mouse On Mars as well. Download and burn 1...


only in America.... i would say

el anonimo es mio

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