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The aftermath

The camera is broken, the body beyond, and the mind still reels, so hold your horses while we reboot and prepare some comments about MUTEK 2004, which may quite possibly have been the best edition yet. From Egg to Crackhaus to Isolee to Smith N Hack to Burnt Friedman et al to Matthew Herbert's DJ set -- more on this later -- the highlights have never been quite so stellar.

But one thing must be said. We have never been of a particularly teleological mindset, but today we must indulge in a Fukuyama and report The End of Music. After Jamie Lidell, all other musicians may quietly lay down their tools and slink off to collect an artist's pension in some quaintly socialized Scandinavian country. Lidell is all there is, all that's left, all that need be.


Hope you get to do a big piece for the Wire on it. They need more techno coverage. My subscription rate demands it!

I think I am full up of information on Cecil Taylor.

yeah but have you ever seen cecil taylor live?
his performance demands coverage =)


Its true.
Lidell is Total.
And its not fucking fair.

Like the recent rare transit across the sun of the normally hidden beauty of Earth's sister planet, Venus, Jamie Lidell emerges from the outer-reaches of electronic-music-space, powered by the Warp engines of his leftfield past and current Super-Collider co-project with Cristian Vogel et al.
Lidell is everywhere: back in 1999 he could be found in the back of your 'Daddy's Car' or 'Hide in from the day' with fellow electronic soul-muses Super Collider. He's been 'Spillin' Visions' in a variety of soulful performances with Super_Collider and visual-wizard/costumier Pablo Fiasco, swinging with Dani Siciliano and Matthew Herbert's Big Band to international acclaim during Spain's Sonar 2003.

Reports about 'The End of Music' have been greatly exaggerated :)

Lidell's voice heralds ‘the Beginning of a New Muse’ born from the warp-driven chaos of an experimental electronic fusion of world music.

re: lidell, no no no!!! say it's not so!!!

and da new comer is da krikor from paris!!and krikar total disaster!
see da interview in a rare web page www.fueradeserie.org

you listeng "krikark" satanrokkkkkk"!!!!

Wait a minute, I thought Lidell was a DJ.

DJs aren't musicians.


you are so right. lidell totally kills it live.
am seeking Scandinavian commune now...

jamie lidell... live, my favourite gig of 2003

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