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Schaffeling towards Bedlam

Well what the hell do you know -- tipped off by the allmighty ILM, I have discovered that my predictions are in fact coming true: schaffel shuffles toward the overground with Rachel Stevens' "Some Girls," a Richard X-produced glitterbeat monster that picks up where Goldfrapp's "Train" left off.

Also in schaffel news, Undo & Vicknoise's new EP on Factor City contains two luscious, synthpoppy romperstompers, one with vocals. Quite mournful, really. Somewhere in between T.Raumschmiere's mix of "3 Hours" and Jonas Bering's "Down to Big Sur"?

Speaking of schaffel, as soon as I'm home I'll post the mix I did for Sonar a la Carta. I know you can't wait. No, really. Stay tuned.

Speaking of Sonar, I know that my overview is long overdue. Stay pruned.

And speaking of long overdue, let's not even mention MUTEK for the moment, ok? Stay festooned.

Meanwhile, I think I hear the roar of the surf and the slippery sploosh of sun cream being applied on the beach at Bogatell, which means it's high time I get away from this computer. Stay Cancuned...


Any luck with the Playhouse Motor-head shirt?
Looking forward to the highlights of the trip, and the schaffel mix.

We are ready to stay tuned, pruned, festooned and Cancuned...but pleeeeeeease make it soon!

Fine, so you're still in BCN while I'm back in the excruciatingly frantic NYC mayhem--bite me!

--Mwah (have fun for all us suckas)

P.S. I'm also overdue my Mutek/Typical/Sonar triumvirate weigh-in

Hey that beach of Bogatell will wait for your for next summer... keep us posted.

schafell suck!!!!
falafelll and motley crue rules!!!

www.penetr8.net in new york!!!!

I just came to the realization yesterday evening that "Train" and "Monstertruckdriver" and their ilk are, essentially, the electropop world's aesthetic equivalent to Crow's "Evil Woman" as covered by Black Sabbath.

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