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Out of Office Reply

Thank you for your message. This is to inform you that Philip Sherburne will be out of the office from June 2 to June 6. During this time he will be attending Montreal's MUTEK festival. While he will make every effort to respond to your message in a timely manner, the festival's lineup -- which includes Plastikman, Ricardo Villalobos, Isolée, Krikor, Portable, Crackhaus, Richard Chartier and COH, Schneider TM, Donna Summer, Smith N Hack, Burnt Friedman with Jaki Liebzeit and Joseph Suchy, the core of the Raster-Noton roster, a DJ set from Herbert, and an opening night featuring Junior Boys -- means that for the majority of the five days and nights he will be subsumed deep within clicks, gurgles, ecstatic pulses, and roiling tones, far out of range of ordinary human contact, and reduced to communicating by means of stunned nods, awed gulps, coded blinks, and feverish text-messaging on his cell phone to all the sad mortals not fortunate enough to attend. He expects to return to the surface sometime after the festival's inevitable succession of after-parties, after-after-parties, and, pending confirmation, after-after-after-parties. Should you need to reach him with any urgent business during this time, it is advised that you encode your message in a format compatible with Ableton Live and pass it to one of the performing artists, with instructions that it be incorporated into their set.

Sebastian Koch
Administrative assistant, travel secretary, and concierge to Philip Sherburne


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