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One night in the Dogpatch

Yet another new set from the Beta Lounge has gone up online. This one's from last Thursday's little relaunch party. (Note that part of the relaunch entails a log-in function, which means you'll have to sign up to listen to streams on Beta Lounge now. But it's free.) You can access the set here. There are even a few photos, and a tracklist to come soon.

One note: the Kelis/St. Plomb mashup is totally ripped from Michael Mayer, who did the same combo (and mixed much better) in Miami. I couldn't resist trying to recreate it. So apologies and respect to the originator.

Here's a tracklisting:

Carsten Jost, "Krokus," Superpitcher remix (Dial/Ladomat 2000)
M.I.A., "Fade the Pages" (Sub Static)
Konfekt, "jez[sof]" (Areal)
M.I.A., "Don't Cry" (Trapez)
Rex the Dog, "Prototype" (Kompakt)
Basteroid, "Against Luftwiderstand Remixe," Ada + Metope + Jake Fairley remix (Areal)
Marcos Cabral, B1 (Trapez ltd 16)
Robag Wruhme, "Jena Maks" Koerner & Treplec rmx (Milnor Modern)
Kalabrese, "Set Me Free" (Perlon)
Laszlo Beckett & Steven Taylor, "You Gotta Work" (Hand on the Plow)
Yoshihiro Arikawa, "Lamp Black" (Kodaira)
St. Plomb, "A Bat in My Shoe" (Mental Groove)
Kelis, "Milkshake" (Star Trak)
Lucien-N-Luciano, "Stone Age" (Cadenza)


love your taste. what is your dj name?

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