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Who says there's nothing left to say about Dizzee Rascal? Well, me, kinda. Perhaps noting that folks need to shut up and listen is stating the obvious. (Metacritical plus hypocritical! A genius maneuver.) But really, have you noticed how godawful most of the coverage of Dizzee is, especially in the lifestyle press? From Rolling Stone to Planet, everyone's rushing to regurgitate the press releases -- when they're even that capable. I could swear that somewhere I saw him referred to as drum'n'bass.

Anyway, enjoy, or don't. Maybe all the kids who called me a racist fassyman for declining to rate Wiley will send me love letters now. Then again, maybe not.


You've been itching to call someone a fassyman for months now, haven't you!?

Man, Philip, time flies. I remember a few months ago when you were just a fassybwai!

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