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Extra butter on that pork, please

Who knew that the president of the United States has a private theater for viewing first-run films? In the case of our sitting indumbent, that raises a few questions:

* Who monitors his popcorn intake, to prevent another pretzel incident in the dark?

* Does George cover his eyes when boobies are shown? (Or maybe his good Christian self only requests the edited-for-TV versions, who knows.)

* Finally, and this is an actual question as opposed to me just taking useless rhetorical potshots, what is the cost to the taxpayers for this? Does the White House have a standing arrangement with movie distribution houses to lease first-run films? Given that they're not charging for tickets, it can't cost as much as it does for a commercial theatre to lease a print, but still, it must cost something, right? And if so, I really would like to know why that's something taxpayers have to pay for. And don't tell me it's to keep his finger on the pulse of the nation -- if Georgie can't be bothered to read the newspapers, surely he can get an aide to go to the cinema for him as well (which throws the security argument right out the window). And isn't this the president that's in bed by 10pm anyway? When does he have time to screen a howevermanyhour epic in Aramaic? (Ok, one more question: does someone read the subtitles to him?)

For rills, though: anyone in Hollywood land who knows the answer to my economic question, holla back!


Phil - you my man but dude, it's been very public knowledge for YEARS that the Prez has his own theatre. Every few years, the press trots out a short story about "What is the President watching?" and we can all chortle about how in (or out of) line his tastes are.

Now, what would be funnier is a listing of what movies do we THINK the President is watching. With Bush, I'm sure the suggestions would be endless. You know, like "Star Wars" except that he's rooting for the Empire. Shit like that...

No kiddin'? Hey, I never claimed to be in touch with the world. Actually, I guess I had heard of such screenings, but the economic factor had never crossed my mind before. I mean, we've got a half-trillion dollar deficit looming, right? Can't dude just get NetFlix?

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