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I'm sure everyone but me already knows about this, but I found the link on Eyebeam's reBlog, so I'm going to re-re-blog it: Blazin' Blip Blop and Blar & Blee, a seamless mix of hip hop and R&B ringtones ("Crazy in Love," "Without Me," "Get Ur Freak On," etc.) with the original vocals put back into the mix. Available in two 30MB downloads. It's.... odd. As though someone took the originals and replaced the beats with bad elevator music (or cheap soundtracking from B movies). Although in some cases, what's most shocking is that I probably wouldn't have even noticed that these aren't the originals if you hadn't told me.

Do ringtones really have drum machine beats these days? Man, I need to start hanging out with people who have more blingin' mobiles, I guess.

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