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The after after (ever after)

For every after there is an after. After the weekend's long day, last night turned into an asado, which turned into an impromptu DJ session when someone improbably wheeled in a soundsystem. That proceeded to (d)evolve into something entirely other once Egg's Guillaume Coutu-Dumont plugged in his laptop, joined shortly thereafter by Mike Shannon on laptop and Argentina's Leo Diguisto on MPC. Akfuen, Jay Hunsberger, Vince Lemieux, Crackhaus's Steve Beauprea, Ernesto, and myself manned the decks -- well, I dropped out after trainwrecking everything beyond salvation, mistakenly thinking I could bring in Quarks' "I Walk" in the middle of a 4/4 set. (Things had gotten so out of whack that it sounded like shuffle... that's what I get for stubbornly following my obsessions.) Fast forward to 5 a.m. and everything is simultaneously miraculous and utterly without reason.


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