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Here's mud in your eye

Luciano, New Year's Day 2004. Maitencillo, Chile.


How was Luciano's set?

and is it true he has an album coming out?

Luciano does have an album coming out called "Blind Behavior." It will be out this February along with the single "Alain Brito" which features a remix from Ricardo Villalobos. He also has some neat stuff coming out on his label Cadenza soon aswell...1st off will be an ep from him featuring the tracks "Stone Age" and "Ameal" and 1 release later on from a new Luciano and Dandy Jack collaboration. 2004 holds some great stuff from him, look out.

hey....i love your page...congratulations...im from chile and a big fan of all this guys. i was looking all over for photos of mutek 04...and really a was looking for me jaja..on the photos..AND I FOUND ME!!...in one of the crowd...so again..congratulations y keep going

muchos besos

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