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Ample stacks

Crackhaus in Tijuana, Mexico, December 2003. Anyone who hasn't picked up Crackhaus' It's a Crackhaus Thing on Onitor is missing out on one of the most entertaining microhouse releases in ages. Deadbeat and Steven Beaupre's first collaborative LP is a clunker in the best sense -- rollicking, unstable, as linear as one of those cat-toy balls with a weight in it that sends it wobbling down the hall to much feline consternation. The patterns are familiar from Akufen, Cabanne, Ark, Krikor et al, but Crackhaus infuses them with a levity that's all their own: scat babble, standup bass burble, scrapple splatter and rip rap patter, claptrap rattle, scissile slide. Onomatopoeiomadness!

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