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You can photograph anything now

We're all parasites. So I was thrilled to discover a bit of Language poetry worthy of Bruce Andrews in my in-box this morning. Thing is, you had to get past the "Free Cable TV! No more pay! Unleash the power of your digital cable!" to get to the meat. I can't figure out whether spammers are loading their emails with random verbiage in order to sneak past junk-mail filters, or whether Language poets are appending fake commercial come-ons to their poems as a means of getting Joe Home PC User to read their material. Regardless, great stuff. Viva the subversive aleatory!

inconceivable disgustful dogging expansion zeta zoe mull acoustic armco concatenate marshall misogyny antiquated buzz read maori chunky sculpt mans tinder hausdorff caption czech thalia volcanic
convention harrow aniline devious circulant despite automobile coexistent lusaka surreal thorstein axolotl bullwhack lance hardy curie theodore perceive omen evasion glory nowaday cube boston laminate confidante lackluster autocrat chinatown praise
scram clog swanson viscoelastic clothesline alkaline sec pinafore anorthosite risible batch librate continuous devious hemoglobin adoptive cleave avuncular bilk coattail metallurgy spokesperson deepen gestapo aftermath salamander arterial courageous shah bessie walls inflationary doorbell derision nearsighted exhaustive laymen plateau clime iberia
piecemeal citron bedlam brandon turnout radiate singlehanded bloodstream inductor crystallographer gloucester harpsichord crimson suny afterthought surgery
clapeyron peggy dixieland liable surtax guide valine melancholy serendipity this mankind anger centric cereal symphonic blossom baby placenta psychotherapist disturb inductance
decedent brunette gallant veracity kalmuk salubrious emotion damon aventine aldebaran antique gourd nod algae krebs
fossiliferous overhang kiss conflict dearie pairwise creamery pigment genera inimitable poverty sabina baden wound apostrophe cartographer slurry polar hollow colossal kruse betray superstition adduce sprint borroughs brindisi nasturtium cave cattle emphatic eelgrass gemini uphill
subtly immunization prism coven decompile calcutta engel hydrolysis angel aspen clobber countervail frieze weyerhauser trojan chap wombat yoke madrid blunder watery fragmentation hewett cop
emplace depose fogging parsimonious laocoon eddie awn hideaway depth knelt pipe fetch julia plod embezzle keyword eyesore northwestern neva insignificant prejudicial integrate sophia checkerboard exogenous hector local tiber addressograph pinto cam quintic shadflower
arpeggio freud cleanse triceratops muskmelon afterword blubber barefaced assimilable martinez compulsive priestley diminutive spalding consequential army shudder bowstring conferred williams coalescent cancel descendant dazzle witch sequent pica amethystine arduous weird grover mogadiscio tassel shortsighted waterline photon
embryology debilitate kodiak beverage cargill virile indolent teeth counterintuitive nereid odious choreograph circumcircle aye debenture wrapup edmonds conscientious feat dearie angeles charm jurisprudential

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