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So tomorrow -- well, today, actually -- I'm off to South America for MUTEK Chile and New Year's Eve. If you're not in the mood to be jealous, by all means don't click on this link, which will show you where I plan to ring in 2004. (If you do want to torture yourself, click on "musicos" and then click the flower that says "musica.") Stay tuned for photos of the madness, and maybe a few archival shots from last year's MUTEK Chile for good measure.


Hello Phillip,

Im a freelance journalist in Chile }, for Mutek and other things. Im interested in the cultural boom coming out of this country, which includes among other things and really strong electronic music scene.
How significant is Mutek globally, anything unique or just another festival? Can you give me some perspective?

thanks, also, if you want to hook up, im staying at the Bicycle hostal on Cerro alegre..my cell is O8 519 8601


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