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Someone's gotta say it

New study shows Americans more stupid, gullible, and hateful than ever before thought possible. In the spirit of Christmas, go choke on a Bible, you bigots.

Pay special attention to Ziad Nimrod, excuse me, Nimri, who chimes in with the classic argument, "Minorities always tend to get more than your average person does." He's absolutely right! Unfortunately, our salesman friend isn't talking about class (does anybody talk about class any more?), but rather -- you know -- homos.

(Note to our recent liberatees in the Mid East: if you're in the market for democracy, you might want to do a little comparison shopping before you settle on ours. We didn't tell you, but the engine block is cracked, the brakes keep seizing up, and we've got this little problem with spewing toxic fumes.)


you SUCK!!!! literaly! and nimrod...its means that i slept with your mom last night fat head!!!

studies also show that british people claim to know everything, are obsessed with their own miserly culture, think less of all other people, and travel around the world in order to exotify and subjugate. coincidentally, these studies were also executed by british people.

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