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More aluminum for the landfill

Self-promotion time! I'm happy to report that Spitting Bits, Closing Loops, a compilation CD I curated to accompany Leonardo Music Journal's "Groove, Pit and Wave" issue (LMJ13) is finally out! The disc includes exclusive, rare, and otherwise vinyl-only tracks from the likes of AGF, M. Behrens, Alejandra & Aeron, DAT Politics, Stephan Mathieu, Francisco Lopez, Institut fuer Feinmotorik, Janek Schaefer, Steve Roden, Scanner, and Stephen Vitiello. (Yes, I realize there are a lot of Ste(v/ph)(e/a)ns in there.)

The basic premise of the disc is that all the compositions are sort of meta-media oriented, in that they take the material of their creation, storage, or distribution as the point of creative departure. You can read the whole introductory essay here, and if it seems like the kind of thing you could wash the dishes to, the disc's on order here.

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