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Backstage pimpin'

Static Discos' Ejival and some hack backstage at MUTEK Tijuana.


nice Playhouse t-shirt, by my nitsa club with the Motörhead monster is much better, and you know it... beat it if you can...

Please, Javier, you know that Nitsa's shirt is just a third-rate ripoff. Playhouse "sampling" Motorhead was a genius move, only proving the label's finely honed recombinant sensibilities (marked by a devilish sense of jouissance) but Nitsa's imitation was just a desperate grasp at credibility!

Yeah, in terms of innovation Playhouse's t-shit is better, but I'm not talking 'bout fashion or design here, but the texture and the resistance of the materials... Anyway, nothing can win Minifunk t-shirt... All Barcelona has been wearing it for five years and there's no trace of erosion yet!!!!!


Minifunk? Nitsa, please - talk to me when they get around to putting out a new record. A couple of stickers featuring bare breasts does not a reputation make! Tell that slacker Omar to get some vinyl on the shelves and then we'll see about reppin' the Minifunk logo....

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