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May 28, 2011

Top 10: May/June 2011


Pigeon vs. hawk vs. magpie. My backyard, a month ago.
Hawk killed pigeon; magpie taunted hawk. Hawk eventually flew away, beleaguered by magpie. Is there a metaphor here? Possibly, possibly not.

Mario & Vidis, "Changed (John Talabot Remix)" [Future Classic]
Mario & Vidis ft Ernesto - Changed by Mario & Vidis

Carter Bros, "Full Disco Jacket" [Rush Hour]
listen to samples here

Morning Factory, "Fantasy Check" [Clone Royal Oak]
Clone Royal Oak 009 Morning Factory - Fantasy Check by clone.nl

Trickski, "Wilderness (Genius of Time Remix)" [Suol]
A2 Wilderness (Genius Of Time Remix) by trickski

Falke, "Taunus" [Kann]
listen to samples here

Dorisburg, "Emotion" [Kann]
listen to samples here

Maya Jane Coles, "Senseless" [2020Vision]
Maya Jane Coles - Senseless by 2020VisionRecordings

Runaway, "Dead Dog Dance (Andy Ash Remix)" [On The Prowl]
(Andy Ash remix is the third segment in the SoundCloud player below)
OTP08 Runaway "Dead Dog" Sal P, Coyote, Andy Ash & Simoncino remixes by On The Prowl Records

Cosmic Kids, "Reginald's Groove" [Throne Of Blood]
Reginald's Groove by CosmicKids

John Talabot feat. Glasser, "Families" [Young Turks]
YT056 - John Talabot - Families by Young Turks

May 14, 2011

A Lazy Mix for Mid-May

A Lazy Mix for Mid-May by psherburne

A thrown-together, easygoing mix you don't have to think too much about. 105 BPM pretty much from start to finish. Not every transition is up to my usually fastidious mixed-in-key standards, but there's nothing too jarring, either. Enjoy!

Joie Noire, "Games" [Public Release]
Snoretex, "Strange Aeons" [Buzzin' Fly]
Nikolaj Grandjean, "A Shadow (Bjorn TÝrske Short Edit Remix)" [Music for Dreams]
Erdbeerschnitzel, "To An End" [Mirau Musik]
Glasser, "Mirrorage (Lindstrom Remix)" [True Panther]
Soul Center, "Psycho Set II" [max.Ernst]
Trickski, "Wilderness" [Suol]
Space Dimension Controller, "Kaleidoscopic Ecstasy" [R&S Records)
Kuniyuki, "All These Things (Theo Parrish Remix)" [Endless Flight]