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December 18, 2008

Back to Earth


I'm coming back soon, promise -- up very shortly is an end-of-year dialogue at Resident Advisor and, in early 2009, a double review of Optimo and JD Twitch's fantastic new pair of mix CDs, Sleepwalk (Domino) and 60 Minues of Fear (RVNG). Plus probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. Right now you can read my latest column at eMusic, a roundup of a dozen of my favorite "electronic" records of the year.

Finally, watch this space for information on a killer package upcoming from Resopal in early 2009, from the Echologist (aka Brendon Moeller) featuring the Spaceape, with remixes from MRI and yours truly. On wax (which you will want) and with some added digital doozies, if I understand correctly. I will say this: it's got range. And my contribution is probably not anything like what you're expecting. Probably.